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Tap the smile!

MOTICO is an indie arcade game of pure reflexes, for all players.

Stay frosty and tap on the positive side of each motico.

Unlock multiple powers and abilities to enhance the game experience and reach Level 99!


A motico is made of two text smilies sharing the same mouth or the same eyes.

Examples:  :):  (-:o)  =/=




  • A large range of moticos that keep getting more complex as you rise through each level.

  • 4 powers to unlock!
    - Boost : increase your score and gauge faster.
    - Loot : collect tons of gold coins with combos.
    - Shield : protect yourself from mistakes.
    - Slow : get more time to answer correctly.

  • 4 abilities to unlock!
    - Abundance : powers appear more often.
    - Collector : fill the gauge's to gain coins.
    - Luck : brings good fortune in many ways.
    - Redemption : level ups can erase mistakes.

  • And much more to come!

Game Screens

Game Screens

Press Review

Press Review

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